Weatherford Petroleum Consultants AS (NO 989 114 506) was acquired by a group of employees July 8th, 2014. The company changed its name to PRORES AS.

The company was originally established in December 2005 and called Reslab Integration AS. It later became Weatherford Petroleum Consultants AS (WPC) after Weatherford’s acquisition of Reservoir Laboratories AS in June 2007. From January 2009 until December 2011, WPC was operating under the Production Optimization business line in Weatherford International, and thereafter within a global business unit called Petroleum Consulting. The Norwegian entity has through all these years been Weatherfords’s spearhead and center of excellence within this global business unit.


After the acquisition and restructuring, PRORES AS will be a company operated from Stiklestadveien 1, N-7041 Trondheim, Norway. We are a solid team covering many disciplines and with an ambition to grow.


From 2005 to 2014, the company has provided leading edge petroleum consulting and software engineering services to numerous clients worldwide. This includes a breadth of services ranging from fully outsourced onshore and offshore field development projects to hiring out of consultants for work in client’s asset teams.

Our services are performed with industry standard software tools, including proprietary software tools.

Services provided by PRORES AS are the following:

  • Seismic interpretation and AVO analysis
  • Structural geology and sequence stratigraphy
  • Static and dynamic reservoir modeling
  • Reservoir engineering
  • PVT analysis/modeling, well test analysis
  • IOR/EOR screening and reservoir simulation
  • Production engineering and flow assurance
  • Drilling and well design
  • Financial and risk analysis
  • SENDRA Special Core Analysis Tool Box
  • Software development services

PRORES AS has been engaged to perform consultancy services to oil companies like: Statoil, Det norske oljeselskap, Norwegian Petroleum Directorate, Kuwait Oil Company, Stratum Energy, DONG Energy, ENI, PETROM, Dubai Petroleum, ONGC, Pemex, Repsol Algeria, Petroecuador, Donetsksteel, Lundin, VICO, Forum Energy, Bridge Energy, Wintershall, Rocksource, Petrolia Norge, Lotos Petrobaltic, Centrica, Total, CACT and Lukoil Western Siberia since the inauguration of the company in December 2005. Our successful participation in a number of projects, totaling more than 150, is a proof of our ability to cooperate and deliver successful projects to our clients.

The intention is to proceed providing the services described above, maintaining the relationship with the past clients and further strengthen offerings to the Norwegian Continental Shelf operators. Additional personnel resources will be made available through partnering and from individual enterprises.


PRORES AS has an extensive track record (2006 – 2014) providing geosciences and petroleum engineering resources and services, and delivering reservoir studies and field development plans some of which are listed below.

PRORES AS has delivered onshore and offshore field development studies to:

  • Petrom/OMV, Romania – Bustuchini Field
  • ONGC, India – Gamij Field
  • Pemex, Mexico – Chicontepec/ Alemán Field
  • Repsol, Algeria – Tifernine Field
  • Donetsksteel, Ukraine – Pokrovskoje Mine Coal Bed Methane Degassing
  • ONGC, India – Tapti Daman Field
  • Lukoil, Russia – Yuzhno-Vyintoyskoye Field

PRORES AS has delivered geosciences and petroleum engineering resources, and expert studies to the following clients and offshore field development projects:

  • Petrom, Romania – Field rejuvenation project
  • Statoil, Norway – Trestakk, Morvin field, Kristin Q/K field, Erlend field, Falk field, Njord North West Flank, Dagny and Snøhvit Fields
  • Det norske, Norway – Frøy, Jette and Storklakken Fields
  • DONG Energy, Norway – Oselvar Field
  • Lundin, Norway – Luno Field
  • Fram Exploration, Norway/US – Whitewater and SE East Smith Fields
  • Total, Norway – Martin Linge Field
  • Lotos Petrobaltic, Poland – Baltic Sea seismic interpretation and exploration study
  • Forum Energy, Phillipines – Sampaguita Field seismic interpretation
  • KNOC, Vietnam – Offshore Vietnam sequence stratigraphy study

PRORES AS has delivered geosciences and petroleum engineering resources to the following clients and Petroleum Technology (PETEC) and exploration asset teams:

  • Statoil, Norway – Åsgard, Njord, Gullfaks and Snorre Assets
  • DONG Energy, Norway – Ula, Tambar and Trym Assets
  • Rocksource, Norway – Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS) Exploration Assets
  • Wintershall, Norway – NCS Exploration Assets
  • Bridge Energy, Norway – NCS Exploration Assets
  • Det norske, Norway – NCS Exploration Assets
  • Concedo, Norway – NCS Exploration Assets
  • Petrolia, Norway – NCS Exploration Assets
  • Enquest, Norway – NCS Exploration Assets
  • North Energy, Norway – NCS Exploration Assets
  • VNG, Norway – NCS Exploration Assets

PRORES AS has delivered borehole stability, sand production risk and/or geomechanical studies to the following clients and development projects:

  • Det norske, Norway – Jette and Storklakken Fields
  • Lundin, Norway – Edward Grieg Field
  • Vico, Indonesia – CBM Field
  • Petrosvibri, Switzerland – Noville 1-1A


PRORES AS has its own software development team. The core product and service offered from this team is a software tool called Sendra. Sendra is a unique tool for simulation, analysis and QC of special core analysis experiments. It provides relative permeability and capillary pressure curve input for reservoir models and simulations. Sendra is licensed by more than 25 companies worldwide.

PRORES AS has an extensive suite of software resources and solid expertise in most of the industry standard tools used.

3rd party software tools licensed by PRORES:

  • Schlumberger (Petrel, Eclipse, Ocean)
  • Roxar (RMS, Tempest/More)
  • Senergy (Interactive Petrophysics)
  • Calsep (PVTsim)
  • SPT Group (OLGA, OLGA/Wells)
  • Petex (Prosper)
  • Halliburton/Landmark (Wellplan, Drillworks)
  • Hampson-Russell (STRATA, AVO, AFI and PRO4D)
  • Palisade (DecisionTools, @Risk)
  • Sciencesoft (S3GRAF and S3GRAF-3D)
  • Weatherford (WellFlo, ReO, 5D, OilPlan)

PRORES AS proprietary software:

  • Special core analysis (Sendra SCAL Tool Box)